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This is the first time I have written an in-depth review, but my girlfriend and I strongly felt that Jeff's service deserved to be recognized. First, a bit about us: we were moving from California to the DC area but did not have the funds to make a trip out to explore the real estate scene on our own. We enlisted the help of a broker who, after encountering a family emergency, referred us to Jeff. We are also, by admission, pretty picky.
Jeff was extremely friendly. His initial phone call set the tone--honest and encouraging. We were operating within a fairly limited budget (especially for the area we were looking to move to) and he laid out a game plan for us right away. Every detail of our wish list was attended to, and we received daily notices of new properties matching our requests. Once we decided which properties we wanted to view, Jeff toured each, giving a detailed breakdown and honest, frank feedback about their ups and downs. He also sent current pictures of each of the residences as most of the photos from the postings were outdated.

Jeff's service and professionalism are, in a word, exceptional. He was gracious, patient, and did not hesitate to accommodate our needs as we worked through the process, bumps and bruises included. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a broker to assist them in moving to the DC/Northern Virginia area. Both knowledgeable and personable, Jeff took the stress out of what could potentially have been an extremely stressful situation.

A final word: we asked Jeff if we could post this review. He did not solicit our feedback or ask for anything other than that we were wholly satisfied with our selection. That, in our eyes, is the hallmark of a true professional.

Ken and Christina

Working with Jeff has been a great experience. He has patiently helped our military family transition across country and has taken the time to guide us through this process while being out of state. He has been committed to help us with this move and has been nothing but a great experience. Thank you Jeff!

Stephanie and Robert G.

Working with Jeff to purchase our home was fantastic. My husband and I are fairly new to the area, so we really appreciated his honesty and his knowledge of the home-buying process in the DC area. His expertise was invaluable during price negotiations and the home inspection. We definitely felt like we were in good hands with Jeff as our agent. Our buying process occurred over the holidays, and Jeff remained in close contact throughout our hectic holiday schedules. We never felt rushed or pressured. 
Overall, we could not have been happier with Jeff as our agent. I will be recommending him to co-workers/friends in the future.

Katie G

I've been thrilled with Jeff's proactive, actually, make that HIGHLY proactive efforts since we began the selling process via USAA's reference of Jeff as one of the realtors for our consideration. 
*  He organized and led a team of his Coldwell/Banker colleagues' tour of our house and they discovered multiple things we needed to fix and ideas we needed to consider. With his collaboration, we prioritized them and moved forward.
*  His frequent communications and rapid responses to our ideas and questions was remarkable in in terms of being practical, experience-based, and on target with our objectives.
*  When the number of realtor appointments fell off in the early fall, he started hosting multiple Sunday PM Open Houses and THEN followed up with those who expressed interest OR visited more than once.
*  We worried about moving out until he assured us he would act in our stead and be present whenever required to assure scheduled work was completed and even to inspect results.
Also, he took responsibility for and actually executed multiple touch-up activities that relieved our anxieties. 
AND, he  guided us superbly through the morass of final inspection processes, their findings, and the generation of responses on a schedule to support an aggressive closing date.

Donald M