Not all the client's that come to me are in a position to buy or sell at this time.  Often a home owner plans to be away from the property for an extended period of time, or a person is moving to our area for a short term job or assignment.  This type of client needs as much assistance as a seller or buyer in an area that is difficult to secure a top notch rental property and where a home owner needs to find a top notch tenant to protect their investment. 

Over many years I have developed a strategy for marketing your home to the best possible group of potential renters and helping renters find the best possible property.  Listing or renting in our area is very competitive and time consuming.  This is where my program will cut through the red tape and put landlord and tenant together is the most efficient way possible.


What a renter needs hours of computer time, and many hours of driving around town, I can accomplish is a very short period of time.  I do the research for you and answer many questions before we hit the road and see a property that never had a chance of working for you. We know before going out that every property we will see meets all of your needs and it is just a matter of picking the best one of the best possible matches.


Home owners I help you to market your property to the largest available group of potential tenants, explain the rental and application process, examine all incoming applications before you, and only send you qualified applicants.  Listing on rent by owner sites will force you to spend many hours meeting renters that would never meet your criteria.  In the end you will spend more time and money processing unqualified candidates that should never have been considered for a number of different reasons.

I am also proud to help any of our service Men and Women secure rental housing.

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